Complete reworked menu
Added 'item editor' and 'mesh modeler' (thx namoine :) )
'Upload map' was not translated correctly
Tooltip is now at good position (top + bottom)
Removed 'profile' from menu (everything is in MP settings menu)
Added loading page for 'new map' and 'load map' pages
Clarified 'new map' menu, added information below each map type
Background image in map parameters page was not the good one (enviro + deco)
Time limit selector and validation was bugged with last MP version
TM15 Edition v1 - Backend Update
Bonus scores ranking is now based on accumulated points (not the number of bonuses made)
By month player rank was not displayed correctly on leaderboard
Unfinished manialinks are now hidden on 'manialinks' page
Added 'snorank' and 'mnorank' which displays maplist with solo and multi no rank
Reviewed all manialinks
Unfinished manialinks are now hidden on 'linklist'
Added 'tm1cars' server
TM15 Edition v1
Added TM1 vehicles (beta)
(done in title menu, solo + multi + editor scripts, manialinks, upload map, icons, backend DB)
Concerning TM1 vehicles: Since it's not possible to select a custom car in models selector and skins are not included in MP4.1, all thoses vehicles are forced to be the same for all players in this version of title.
Added fast backward and forward buttons in load map menu for 500+ maps (Thx namoine for feedback ;) )
Maps tagged 'to remove' are now effectively removed every hour
Favorite maps, bonuses, solo + multi + server records are all deleted
It's not possible to reupload a deleted map, you have to revalidate your map before.
With next edition of title, some maps will be marked as 'undeletable' when they will be used for events via the event manager.
Player ranks and rankings was not correctly displayed on menu
Ingame Top5 widget: server map ranking link now works (missing serverlogin)
Fixed all deprecated ManiaScript functions (only CMode context, since ML context doesn't warning)
Resized 'home' images for faster rendering
Fixed 'map' and 'run' pages
Fixed the 'View' link on map page, simply click on player score to have run details
Fixed Nadeo color codes on all pages
Servers page was unreadable
Moved XXXX?XX date format to XXXX-XX format
Page number at end of manialinks now works correctly
'scores', 'stunts', 'maprec' (global + solo + multi) now displays correct ranking
'runinfo' displays the correct row number
Added new dedicated servers
Servers are now restarted automatically when they are down (Thx HGL ;) )
Beta Edition v2
Leaderboard table on title menu
Added website link and a share map button on title menu (thx Namoine and Pastis-51)
You need to revalidate your maps if you triggered a checkpoint penalty during validation
Readded pastis items, but they are not fixed. (will be in another edition)
Map was not validated correctly with checkpoint penalty
Validation status was not correctly displayed in map parameters. (thx Namoine)
Random respawn penalty (I hope...)
Score table now displays all players on time objective map types
Maps on 'allmaps' server are now shuffled every day
Maps marked "to remove" on website are now removed from 'allmaps' server
'serverlist' is now 'online' manialink (serverlist will serves later for offline servers)
Page selector now works correctly with maplist?author?x (thx Namoine)
Number of maps on 'authorlist' now displays the good ones (thx Namoine)
'sscores' now works correctly
'serverinfo' works correctly (more to comes on this manialink)
Beta Edition v1
Changelog for this edition is not complete, please wait some days...
Added UI Settings menu (more to comes)
MP4 Edition v1
Added some animations
New icons
Stunt figure ui is not server dependant anymore
It displays fastly now
BTW, there will always have a delay between stunt figure and score on server, this last will serve for spectator ui
Now match duration can have match of 12mins
it's now possible to play maps bigger than 6 minutes
Podium chrono is now readable
Live ranking and score table was not correctly displayed for some map types
Menu binding keys on multiplayer (thx HG and namoine for big joke ;) )
You must revalidate your maps from previous version 25 title to be elligible for world records
UpToX map type splitted into UpToTime and UpToScore, rules changed :) (map types)
You could always open UpToX map type with UpToTime maptype and revalidate
Author stunt figures are stored in map metadata (they will be display in map section of playground ui later)
Map parameters ui polished
Best score is now the current author score when you start an already validated map
Notifications are now queued in editor
Maps are now retro compatible with futur versions of titles
Imported maps from stunts/stunters titles (time limit not correctly displayed, etc)
Objectives was not reset when changing car in editor menu
Added manialinks (ManiaLinks)
"authorlist" for map author list
Earth was not displayed correctly at loading
Mappers Edition v1
System ready for futur inter title ranking. (World maker and campaign editor)
Definitely fixed all scores bugs
BIG Thx Zehboz, momo, namoine and all for patience
Complete code rewriting and converting to ManiaPlanet 4
System is now ready to includes new worlds (Moon, etc)
Database optimisations
All ingame manialinks converted to version 3
You can select if start line is a checkpoint or not.
"Normal": Player can respawn at start line
"Give up before first checkpoint": If player respawn before first checkpoint, map is restarted for him (if there is no checkpoint on map too)
Possibility to set penalty on car acceleration, turn radius and gravity (will be by checkpoint on futur update...)
Map type names. (Stunts map type is now EW Stunts - Score Attack, etc)
Bonus score in map.
Menu icons bar with title features. (more to comes...)
It's not possible anymore to move, scale windows/widgets
this will comes in another form (UI Editor)

   - Reach score map type is now included in ladder.

   - added StuntersReachScore map type. (limits are 500 to 2000 pts for testing purpose)
   - added Map car selection. (experimental ;))
   - Map is now validable. It's better for mappers :) Grrr Bug !! Thx Félix ;)
   - Objective author, etc.. now correctly refreshed when player add or remove block/item.
   - Bottom menu is now hidden when player finish validation
   - Stunters map type has now a max time limit of 6 minutes.

   - fixed Next map info correctly refreshed when player set a map with 'esc' key. Thx Zehboz
   - added Callback when player reach score

Ingame UI
   - added Objective window. Thx momo :)
   - enabled gauge on reach score
   - fixed Mx id on bottom menu.
   - clarified score table and match rank for all map types. ("no rank" when best score is <=0))

   - fixed Karma now works on intro. Thx Zehboz ;)
   - fixed Karma is correctly displayed when player join server.
#23 2015-05-01 RSTest -> New map type test "StuntersReachScore"

   - added chekpoints datas on master server for all map types.
   - New game mode in test "Reach Score" (a short test period):
      . In this mode you have to reach score determined by mapper in a minimum of time.
      . Each time you pass thru a checkpoint, you have a penalty of -50pts (will be by CP, and selectable by mapper in near futur)
      . It's not mandatory to pass thru all checkpoints (if any) to validate your run.
      . Finish line simply break your run and not validate it.
      . MapType StuntersReachScore will be available later on map editor ;)

   - fixed map restart when player leave server.
   - fixed map karma display when 5 votes

   - bottom menu is hidden now when author reach finish.
   - editor manialink refreshed when leave playground on all map types.
   - clarified editor loop and events, map types situation when map comes from other editor script, etc..
   - ReachScore: author reached score = 0 now when player beat current author time.
   - added reach score rules from solo/multi (checkpoint penalty etc)
#22 2015-04-29 OneYearEdition -> One year Stunts title :)

   - fixed menu not visible on station.

   - added all items from Pastis. Thx to him ;)

Ingame GUI
   - changed score table: too much number after dot in LP.
   - fixed show/hide windows buttons not highlight correctly.
   - fixed history lines and grid snap under "UI settings" not highlighted as expected.
   - removed debug window.
#21 2014-12-08 T2000Edition (TransEdition fixes 2)

   - fixed ladder points at podium.
   - fixed player map stats (bottom menu).
#20 2014-12-01 T2000Edition (TransEdition fixes)

   - Moved callbacks (more to comes)
   - fixed: Big delay at each map start.
   - fixed: Sometimes station menu is the offline one version even if player is connected. (added more timeout for now)

Ingame GUI
   - Changed chrono font. Not the best one, but this one not shake. Another one in next version ;)
   - fixed: Windows position and scale not saved.
   - fixed: Spectator window not hidden as expected.
   - fixed: UI Settings window not closed when bottom menu closed.

Score Table
   - fixed: Spectator mode not works when clicking on player avatar.
         - You could clik on your avatar to quit spectator mode. (more to comes on this part)
   - Added icon for spectators.
   - Removed all stadium bik files from title since they are no longer supported by ManiaPlanet.

   - fixed: Records are for multi, even in solo. (Separated solo and multi records links.)
#19 2014-11-01 TransEdition

   - World Records reenabled with full access to all runs.
   - StuntersRacers maptype is now included in world records.
   - Map Karma reenabled. 5 votes required to view and be in karma ranking.
   - Added ingame bottom menu (have a look below for more informations)
   - Added "Stuntips" manialink everywhere inside title. Thx Pastis for this great manialink. (TODO: add "share manialink" and "bookmark" buttons)
   - It's now possible to access editor and local play when player is offline.
   - Changed Stunters logo to Stunts logo. (don't ask me why :) )
   - fixed: chrono, score table and map info bug on some maps. (MaXiMaX v 4 from maximax, Stunt! from Mr.DVD, etc...) Thx all for feedbacks :)

Solo/Play Solo map
   - Maps are now saved in ManiaPlanet/Maps/Downloaded/Stunters or StuntersRacers.
Categorized by environment and car model.
   - fixed: sometimes world records not register score. (HttpRequest moved after map loading with bigger time out)

   - fixed: Player profile is now accessible when clicking on player in score table. Thx M@gic :)
   - fixed: Score table correctly displaying players on StuntersRacers MapType, even if player has no score. Thx M@gic :)
   - fixed: MatchRank display correct number of player. (could be better concerning position when score == 0)
   - fixed: Big score bug due to player lag :
            - Player is automatically respawned to start line.
            - Message displayed to all.
            - Score and record not saved.
   - Experimental spectator mode : Figures of spectated player are now displayed. (this could be better, for example displaying time left and current score, but it's a test for now)
   - Moved Stunters script by Stunts. (since in server browser the word 'stunts' is translated in all languages :) )
Map types are not changed for old maps compatibility. (Stunters, StuntersRacers, StuntersReachScore)

   - It's now possible to make 64x64 maps on Stadium.
   - You can now set a named bonus score with possibility to hide this bonus score on map info.
   - fixed: Menu at right too much sensitive. Changed GUI, i think it's better in practice. Thx Pastis for feedback ;)
   - Added "Stunters Groove" sign from Félix & Marc. Thx ;)
   - Added some new "Stunts" and "Stunters" signs.

   - Old items are now hidden in editor to have clean items section. Thx Nadeo for this cool feature :)
   - Moved to bigger grid snap to be easily placed with Nadeo blocs. I think it's better for new players.
      For expert mode and fine placement simply click a second time on item icon or press F4 when you are in items mode.
   - Rearanged items by collection group. (Canyon, Valley, Stadium, Wood, Transparent)
   - All items are now converted and accessible on all environments. Canyon items in Stadium and Valley, etc...
             - Some old are missing (airship, holes, etc...) but will come back in another form
   - Added some wood items (Road, turbo and ramps on next update, some minor lightmaps bug to correct)
   - Added stadium item from félix & Marc. Thx :) (second one in next update sorry...)
   - Added grave items from Pastis. Halloween Powa !! ;) Thx :)
   - fixed: Custom transparent checkpoint and finish not clearly visible on some maps. Changed a little bit the texture. Thx Jüng ;)

Ingame GUI
   - Stunts history window fixed, default is 5 figures but you can set how many figures to display in bottom menu "UI Settings" panel.
   - Added custom font for better lisibility over windows. (would be better in next update)
   - Added speed, distance windows.
   - Added car yaw and car pitch windows. (for future "StuntersUpgraded/Extended" map type :) :) :) )

Ingame GUI (Bottom Menu)
   - Added Server Switch, as requested by Pastis.
   - Added "My runs" window that display current map last runs depending on interface (solo or multi).

Bonus Score
   - Bonus scores included in title with name for each special score. (works in solo and multi with Stunters and StuntersRacers map types ;) )

Stunters Datas
   - Cleaned database concerning maps they are suppressed on Mx.
   - Now, when you delete map from Mx, this delete map on Stunters database too. (records nor deleted for now, i'm waiting for feedbacks before include this feature)

Stunters Manialink
   - Added short links:
   - Display a run: stunters?run95640 where 95640 is your run id.
   - Display map info with world records: stunters?mapXXXX where XXXX is Mania eXchange Id.
         Example for "Tiny Stunt 1": stunters?map25966

#18 2014-05-15 Racers Edition It's time to race on title !! :)

   - Added race mode, exclusive to stunts title to has possibility to use items. Map type = StuntersRacers
   - Ladder redisplayed, ladder only activated on Stunters map type, others are considered not elligible for ladder.
   - New client calculated score table.
   - fixed : Cars are now on start line during intro.

   - New MapType: StuntersRacers.
   - Old objects are considered obsolete in Canyon. Use them at your own risk !!
   - Added 80 items in Canyon (converted old objects) with different scale. More to come.
   - New end race validation interface.

   - Corrected all windows when player join server/match.
   - Added extented log when player lag result to strange big score.

#17 2014-05-06 PF Edition It's time to PF !! Go Go Go !! :)

   - New station menu.
   - Editor enabled.
   - fixed : Cars are on start line during intro.

   - New menu on right. Move your mouse at right of screen to see menu.
   - Map time limit has milliseconds precision.
   - Map time limit has a minimum of 10 seconds now.
   - This is no longer possible to place a multilap block. (only some maps on TM1 with multilap, then decided, for now, to not include these types of map on Stunters)
   - MapInfo : fixed : author score not updated at finish line.
   - Nadeo: Replaced TAB key by . key for pivot point on items. TAB key is now for show/hide icons in editor
   - Nadeo: map size limit at 2MB (1MB before ManiaPlanet 3)

   - LiveRanking fixed.    - Removed all script settings, all will be ingame settable by administrator interface included on server.

#16 2014-04-29 Respawn Edition It's time to respawn !! Stunters for Next-Gen ManiaPlanet :)

R.I.P. Stunters titles :(
Welcome to Stunts Title Pack !!! :) :) :)
Multi Environment and Car Mixing added !!

   - Rewrited core script.
   - New player UI and windows system. (minimal for now, would be better these days, respawn powa !!!)
   - Live Ranking is client calculated.
   - fixed : Big 10000+ scores bug.
   - Web site part of stunters is discontinued (records, ladder), all informations will be accessible ingame now. (online servers page will be moved to titlepack.net)

Player GUI / Windows
   - Rewrited windows system script. For each window:
      * left mouse: move
      * middle mouse: scale
#15 V2.3 2013-10-18

General/All Title Packs
   - Removed Beta tag, since Stunters is stable and officialy out of beta.
   - New 3D Logo.
   - New jacket for Canyon and Stadium.
   - Solo & multiplayer records.
   - Map stats on TAB key.
   - Karma is now included in title pack. ER: Environement Rank, GR: Global Rank (All environments)
   - All windows have been reworked and are movable. Make your custom ingame interface. (this not include StuntersControl windows !!)
   - Added player menu in solo and multiplayer at bottom right for now. This icon is not disponible in editor (strange bug occur, i have to investigate in detail...)
   - Added factor in stunt points window.
   - Added gauge under map time limit.
   - It's now possible to replay map intro during match.
   - Added Next Map Window (multiplayer only).
   - Final choice of colors for each environment (Thx Pastis :)) :   Canyon : 960   Valley : 360   Stadium : 00c
   - Straight Jump replaced by Basic Jump like in TM1.
   - Separated Wreck from figure name, wreck is now displayed on top of figure name, same place as Master.
   - Changed score calculation in editor : Gold = Author*0.95, Silver=Author*0.85, Bronze=Author*0.75
   - Stunt window is now faster than before.
   - A lot of optimisations concerning lags in home servers. (Thx @lex for some precisions and log files :) )
   - Changed ManiaLink download links, now, to download:
Canyon Stunters : maniaplanet:///:Stunters?Canyon
Valley Stunters : maniaplanet:///:Stunters?Valley
Stadium Stunters : maniaplanet:///:Stunters?Stadium

Menu/All Title Packs
   Solo/Maps Button : you can now list with screenshots, download and play maps from MX directly ingame.
   Servers list now displaying all servers of all environments. With player list on each server.
   Added informations on each button rollover.

   Added script settings:
      Karma (Boolean) : Enable/Disable Karma, disabled by default.
      Records (Boolean) : Enable/Disable World Records, disabled by default.

   Added AirShip, CircuitScreeen and Inflatable skins from Pastis (Thx to him ;) )

#14 2013-07-05 Beta 2.2
   Valley Stunters is out !!
#13 2013-04-26 Beta 2.2

   Added: 44 new objects.

   Re-added script settings. It's now possible to set script settings from MatchSettings file.
   Added AutoMatchDuration, AutoMatchDurationMin, AutoMatchDurationMax script settings. Based on MapTimeLimit.
   Temporarily Removed Methods. (SetNextMatchDuration, etc...)
   Added : Chat background for better chat reading.
   LPs total are now displayed in Alternate Score Board.
   Player Messages : Change color of respawn penalty to orange.
#12 2013-03-09 Beta 2.2

   Welcome to Stadium !!!

   Experimental: You can drag & move player messages window.
   Added: Map detail when click on MapInfo.
   Corrected flickering on glass objects.
#11 2013-01-28 Beta 2.1

   Corrected all lightmaps and shadows problems on all objects.
   Added Player Messages window on Solo and Multi in prevision of World Records and Achievements system.
   Title Pack is fully Stadium & Valley ready ;)

Solo & Editor
   Fixed: ManiaScript error when player reach finish line since Beta 2.1 of ManiaPlanet

   Server is now compatible with last objects

   All ScriptSettings have been removed (due to Call Vote ScriptSettings).
   There is new method to set Server Settings, see Methods & Callbacks page

   Changed : All callbacks are always send to server controller. No need to activate them.
   Changed : ChatTime renamed to PodiumDuration which is more explicit.
   Removed not necessary FigurePositionX, FigurePositionY, ShowScoreBigMessage, UseLogging script settings.
   Added: -1:FinishLine to FiguresList in "Stunters.Player.Finish" Callback

#10 2013-01-18 Beta 2

Added 51 new objects with grid snapping !!
Old object are considered obsolete.

   Editor translated into french.
   Added : Help button with all keyboard shortcuts for object mode.

Home Page
Added : A "Bugs & Suggestions" button, you can send message directly to title pack administrator.
#9 2012-12-06

   Added : 2 custom objects

   Added : Compute Shadows (Very Fast) and Set Objectives buttons in editor. (no need to go in submenu for that)
   Added : X, Y, Z position of cursor.
   Fixed : The car was replaced randomly on the starting line during validation.
#8 2012-12-04

   Added : 4 custom objects (Thx Pastis ;))
   Added : Best score and previous score above player score.
   Fixed : MapInfo incorrect character.

Server / Multiplayer
   Added : RaceTime on each figure in Stunters.Player.Finish callback.
   Added : GameRule, TeamPlay in Stunters.MapLoaded callback..
   Fixed : All ScriptSettings. (thx Géry ;))
#7 2012-11-08
60 secs by map, it is now past !!! Maps are no longer limited to 60secs :)
It's time for online optimisations : Chrono and Player Score are now executed on client side, which are smoothly.
(Chrono have msec displayed)

Stunts list is now displaying in solo mode and editor.
Your Best Solo and Best Multi are stored locally and displayed under the match score.

   Added : Local Play->Unique Map, you can play a map in solo mode.
   Added : Local Play->Unique Map, Best Score is stored locally.
   Added : in Play->Unique Map figure list is displayed.
   Fixed : Map objective window don't close when click on cancel for second time.

Server / Multiplayer
   Added : Chrono at podium with chat time.
   Added : Now "Stunters.Player.Finish" callback send "Distance" value too.
   Changed : Chrono, Player Score and Map info are layers.
   Fixed : Now, first maps made at start of title pack play correctly.

Server / Multiplayer Settings
   Added : ShowMapInfo script setting = Display or not the map info.
   Added : MatchDuration script setting = Choose time of a match. Minimum is 240eecs (4 minutes)
   Added : ChatTime script setting = Choose time of a match. Minimum is 240eecs (4 minutes)
   Added : ShowScoreBigMessage script setting = Choose if player have a big message when he reach the finish
#6 2012-10-20

   Added : 28 custom objects (Thx Pastis ;))

Server / Multiplayer
   Added : Callbacks for server controller. Click here for more informations
   Added : GameType in map info.
#5 2012-10-04

   Added : 11 custom objects (Thx Pastis ;))

Server / Multiplayer
   Fixed : Problem with " in live ranking.
#4 2012-09-29

   Added : semi automatic update : When client don't have title pack updated, the menu propose to download last version.
   Added : One custom object
   Added : 2 "Stunters" signs.
   Added : build version on top left home menu.

Server / Multiplayer
   Added : Title pack can now run SMART tools with the Ubm plugin (stuntscore plugin).
   Changed the map info style for better visibility (Fixed the nickname and map name lenght too)
#3 2012-09-19

Server / MultiPlayer
   Fixed : sometimes, last figure was counted when player restart map
   Fixed : rare server crash when map restarted or passed to the next. (i think it's not totally fixed)
   Add nickname, best author score and time limit to the map info frame. (at top right)
   Map intro play correctly at match start.
   Disable score table visibility with alt key.
   Add version to server log file when title pack start.
   Small score table (too big for a small score table) replaced by custom live ranking.
   Score table now visible at start of podium sequence, before ladder points.
#2 2012-09-17

Title Pack Menu
   Changed the replay in background menu (thx M@gic )

   Fixed :When addind or deleting a block on map, the "Author Score" reset to 0 (like TMU)
   Fixed: Respawn penalty not count points when Time Limit reached. (like TMU)
   Fixed: There is 2 stopwatchs when we start the validation, cancel, and put the car on the playground for test map.
   Added: a "Creation Time" frame at bottom right of the editor, to know know how much time we spent in the editor.

   Map time limit stored in author best time to see it in map selection menu.
   Intro now playing before validation start.
#1 2012-09-16

Initial release
Started and developed since September 2012 by Spaï (mp login & maniaflash: spaii)