Score objective

Score Attack

Make as many points as possible before the time limit of the map
Respawn: You loose 50 points with each respawn
Time limit reached: You loose 10 points/sec when time limit is reached

Up To Score

Have the maximum number of points by executing the determined number of cascades from map.
Checkpoint: One executed stunt added on your stunt count
Finish line: Run restarted

The Gauge

Not yet implemented in current titlepack...
Executed stunt is in whitelist: Gauge go up
Executed stunt is not in list: Gauge go down
Checkpoint: Gauge go down
Finish line: Run restarted

Time objective

Reach Score

Reach the score determined in map in minimum amount of time
Checkpoint: -50 points
Finish line: Run restarted

Up To Time

Execute the number of cascades determined on the map in a minimum of time
Checkpoint: One executed stunt removed from your stunt count
Finish line: Run restarted